Fashion Business School

Training and business consulting program

Fashion Business School is an international educational project of Dorman Consulting Group, which cooperates with the world’s largest universities. FBS specializes in professional trainings and consulting of specialists and managers of fashion industry companies. Originally based in Boston (USA), Dorman Consulting Group has now changed its location to Washington DC (USA) and is currently developing its presence in Eastern Europe and Russia.

The school aims to make the business development of its students more focused, starting from the stage of setting goals and ending with the implementation of created strategies, forming business thinking in the process of developing real projects. Our approach to education includes the academic traditions of the HSE, Boston University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, consulting practice, and experience working with American fashion brands, since 1994.

Moreover, extensive experience in working with professional media and many years of cooperation with the world’s largest retailers from OTTO GROUP, Wildberries and others, gives us the opportunity to train specialists in the international fashion market.

The Group of companies is engaged in research and analysis of the fashion industry market, which serve among other things as a stage in the development of business strategies, provides management strategic consulting services to fashion industry players.

Who is this program for?

We invite representatives of small and medium-sized fashion businesses who are focused on the successful development of their company, obtaining relevant knowledge and business tools that are effective in the fashion industry.

The program is designed for:
– Managers and senior managers who strive to develop their own professionalism and approach the expertise in the field of fashion business management.
– Fashion business owners who are focused on the productivity and evolution of their company.

Training time

The course starts on March 2, 2021
Registration closes on February 23, 2021.

To enroll in the Fashion Business School:

Program content

Setting business goals for SMART technology
The training includes homework, working in groups, and discussing results. 1 week 2 classes of 2 hours each
SWOT business analysis
The training includes home assignments, coaching sessions, conclusions and recommendations on student projects. 2 weeks 4 classes of 2 hours each
PEST – analysis of the external environment
Training includes working in groups, insights from the course leaders, studying research approaches and analyzing the results of students. 3 weeks 6 classes of 2 hours each
Segmentation of the target audience. Principles and rules of segmentation in the fashion industry.
It includes working in groups and completing homework. 2 weeks 4 classes of 2 hours each
The construction of the core brand identity. Study of the intangible basis and value of specific brands.
The training includes working with the key-sami, preparing homework, and consulting a coach. 1.5 weeks 3 classes of 2 hours each
Development of a business strategy. Formulation of scenarios for the development of external situations and options for responding to various scenarios. Definition of reference points.
The training includes theoretical knowledge, homework, group work, and coaching sessions. Each listener receives comments on how to use their company’s strengths and strengthen their weaknesses. 2.5 weeks 5 classes of 2 hours each
Development of tactical solutions for the student’s business.
It includes individual development of specific steps and recommendations for the selection of component suppliers, production, sales formats, advertising, and customer interaction systems. 2 weeks 4 classes of 2 hours each

Total: 14 weeks, 28 classes, 56 hours.

The additional block. Communication strategy, integrated business communications online and offline.
The training includes group work, homework, and coaching. 2 weeks 4 classes of 2 hours each

Training result

Fashion Business School students fully study all aspects and stages of the development of their own business project in group classes and during homework. During the course, the students go through coaching sessions, during which they get the opportunity to clarify the difficulties in learning, reveal their capabilities and extract the necessary resources for development.

As a result of training, a graduate of the School becomes the owner of professional competencies and effective tools in fashion business.

Interaction with mentors and colleagues in a highly intelligent and motivating environment becomes a source of effective networking. The Fashion Business School Club provides support to the alumnae of the FBS after the completion of the program.

The diploma of the Fashion Business School gives the status of a specialist of the international level.

Cost of the program

Basic program: 120,000 rubles.
Additional block: 17,500 rubles.

For the invitation of a student 1 — 3% discount.
For inviting 2 more students-5% discount.

Training format

Lectures, group classes, and coaching sessions are conducted remotely.

The practice is developed on the students’ own business projects.

Training in small groups provides a thorough study of each project.

Progress and homework assignments are constantly monitored. Students, who do not complete tasks and do not participate in group sessions, are deducted without a refund.

After completing the training, students defend their projects for a committee of teachers.


Author and founder of the school: Elena V. Dorman, MA, MBA.

* Author of the book “Aikido of competitive strategies or how to build an anti-fragile business”.
* Expert and author of articles published by PROfashion Magazine.
* Author of scientific articles for the publication of the State University Higher School of Economics internal scientific magazine “Business. Society. Power.”
* Visiting Lecturer of the MBA programs of the State University Higher School of Economics

Education: HSE, Boston University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Use the unique training conditions at the international Fashion Business School for complete professional self-realization and achieving maximum results in your business. The school has all the opportunities to make your business a full member of the big fashion world. Become a part of the fashion business community with us!